Join the Team

Do you want to wake up and love what you do?  Do you want to contribute to something bigger in the world, something you actually believe in?  Then join the hundreds of Dorel Sports employees that have broken free from the drains of corporate life.  Now, it’s time for you to become part of our team.

At Dorel Sports you will be working with some of the coolest, most passionate and fit people in the world.

Don’t be surprised if you see professional athletes walking around providing direct feedback and inspiration.  If your boss wants to catch up with you during an afternoon ride, it’s totally acceptable to pass them on the final sprint.  This is just part of building the bridge between what we love and what our customers love.

At Dorel Sports we are motivated by our passion for creating inspired experiences for our customers.  Every project, every meeting, every moment is an opportunity to inspire a triathlete to set a new personal record, help a kid learn how to ride a bike, or even encourage a commuter to use a bike instead of a car.

This is your time to make a change. And because of that, you matter and what you do matters.

Come check us out and find your dream job, it’s not that far away.